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Red & Black Pepper Cashews

The fiery creation with a blend of piquant black pepper from the Valle Maggia and sweetly spiced red pepper. Thanks to gentle dry roasting without oil or fat, the nuts retain their authentic, natural taste, which is maintained long after opening due to the resealable packaging.

100g contain
Energy 2457 kj
590 kcal
  of which saturated fatty acids
  of which sugar
Fibre 3.0g
Protein 21g
Salt 1.3g
CASHEW NUTS, seasoning (salt 1.2% (Switzerland), sugar, yeast extract, pepper extract, onion, pink and black pepper 0.3%, Maggia valley pepper 0.1%, acid (citric acid), sunflower oil, pepper oil). May contain other nuts and peanuts.
Gluten no
Milk constituents no
Eggs no
Fish no
Shellfish no
Soya no
Peanut may contain
Nuts yes
Sesame no
Celeriac no
Mustard no
Sulphites > 10 ppm no
ovo-lacto vegetarian yes
ovo vegetarian yes
lacto vegetarian yes
vegan yes