The Swiss company Zweifel is over 60 years old and has always been family-owned – from its very beginnings to the present day.

As Switzerland’s chips pioneer, the Zweifel family, together with its employees, is constantly coming up with unconventional and innovative ideas to ensure that Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG tops the league of the country’s best brands.


Established in 1898: Zweifel Wine and Beverages

Cheers to a successful future. Brothers Emil and Paul Zweifel from Höngg set up a wine and beverage business in 1898. They quickly notice that their best and most profitable product is their own apple cider.

How it all began: 1950s Katzenrüti

In the early 1950s, Hans Meier, a cousin of Heinrich Zweifel Senior, fries the first potato chips in a massive outdoor cooking pan on his farm in Katzenrüti in the commune of Rümlang. When he unexpectedly passes away, the Zweifel family takes over the production of the chips and integrates the small factory into its fruit-pressing facility. The crunchy chips are first launched under the Zweifel brand in 1958.

1960 First fully automated fryer

In 1960, the first fully automated fryer is affectionately dubbed the 'friendly dragon' – a beast that emits an incredible 180 kilos of chips per hour.

1962 Fresh Service

A commitment to quality across the whole of Switzerland. In 1962, Hansheinrich Zweifel launches the Fresh Service with a fleet of 10 VW vans that deliver the freshest chips throughout Switzerland every week.

1964 Zweifel launches the Original Paprika Chips on the market.

The paprika recipe has been the same since the very beginning and remains secret to this day. Original Paprika Chips are Zweifel's most popular and best-selling product.

A major step towards greener pastures

Just like it did back in the day, Zweifel continues to invest in the future of its Spreitenbach site. This is where, in 1970, the first chips are produced in the new, state-of-the-art factory. In 2019, a new building is added – a long-term investment in the future and in Switzerland as a production location.