Commercial goods and sweet treats round off our wide range of chips and snacks.

Sortiment der Zweifel AG: Appenzeller Bärli Biber, Mars, Linzer Torte, Beef Jerky, Haribo Goldbären sowie die Chips Provençale, Paprika, Nature, Kezz, Salt & Vinegar, Wave Chips

Baked goods

Right from the start of the Zweifel success story, we've worked with the best in the confectionery business so that we can offer our customers sweet treats as well.

Our now 50-year partnership with the Bischofberger family from Appenzell is a key part of this endeavour. We distribute their quality Swiss products, such as the traditional Appenzeller Bärli-Biber (honey gingerbread cookies filled with almond paste), Bireweggli (pear-filled pastry treats) or Nuss-Stangen (nut-filled cake bars), ensuring they are available throughout Switzerland.

To emphasise our expertise in baked goods and expand our business through product innovations, we acquired Münsigen-based Berger AG Backwaren in spring 2020, after we had already been working with the company successfully for 20 years. The current range mainly comprises classic single items, such as Spitzbueben (jam-filled cookies), mini Linzertorte and Vogelnestli (birds nest-shaped cookies with a jam centre) – all made according to 'Swissness' guidelines.

The baked goods portfolio is rounded off by the fine Amadina Gugelhöpfli and the original Italian Merranea Panettoncino.

Brand representations

Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG's substantial industry presence means we can facilitate access to the Swiss market for national and international producers. Our core competence lies in constructing an extensive distribution network, backed up by customised marketing. By representing these brands, we're able to offer our customers a highly varied range from unique brand environments:

Jack Link’s (LSI Netherlands B.V.)

Fine strips of premium beef coupled with secret family recipes, herb and spice blends, and a touch of smoke. The result: delicious, protein-rich, meaty snacks.

Lorenz (Lorenz Snack-World)

Lorenz Snack-World has a long tradition in the baked goods and salted snacks and nuts sector. Zweifel distributes a selected range of Lorenz nuts and drinks snacks exclusively to the Swiss market.

BiFi (LSI Netherlands B.V.)

At BiFi, the sausage reigns supreme. The BiFi brand’s salami snacks have always stood for the highest level of quality, choicest ingredients and strictly controlled production.