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We know our potato farmers, which is why the origin of the potatoes is listed on the top right of our chips packets.

Did you know?

On the top right of every pack, you'll see the name of the farmer whose potatoes were used to make our delicious Zweifel chips.

Swiss potatoes

The provenance and regionality of our raw ingredients have always been very important to us. Whenever possible, we use Swiss potatoes in our factory. There's even a 10% reserve built into crop planning for that purpose. On a long-term average, more than 95% of the potatoes we process are grown domestically by more than 250 Swiss farmers. Despite our best efforts, weather-related issues such as heat, drought or excess rainfall may mean we can't always source 100% of our potatoes from Switzerland.

Best quality

We are very particular about the partners and suppliers we choose to provide us with high-quality raw ingredients. Our potato procurement specialist is in constant contact with our producers, to ensure that the crop meets our high standards of quality.

Our farmers

All the farmers who grow their wonderful potatoes for us are indicated on the Swiss map. The potatoes supplied by the farmers highlighted in orange are the ones being processed on the day at our production facility in Spreitenbach.

Some say potato. We say Figaro and Lady Claire.

Not all potatoes are the same. To make our chips, we need what are known as processing potatoes, which have particular varietal characteristics, such as a higher starch content and lower content of reducing sugars. These characteristics are what make them suitable for frying at high temperatures and give our chips their crunchiness.

All good things come in threes.

To give our chips that natural taste, rapeseed oil and salt are a must.

Pure, natural Swiss rapeseed oil

We get HOLL rapeseed oil from the Swiss family company Florin AG. HOLL stands for 'High Oleic Low Linoleic' and, as the name suggests, it contains a high proportion of oleic acid – a monounsaturated fatty acid that is stable at high temperatures – and a reduced linoleic acid content. HOLL rape is cultivated in an area that stretches from Lake Geneva and across the Jura mountains as far as Lake Constance. While rape fields are in bloom in April and May, the rapeseeds, with their black kernels, are first harvested in July.

Swiss alpine salt

We also like to source our salt from Switzerland, so we use salt from the Saline de Bex mine in canton Vaud. We use Swiss alpine salt to give the perfect finishing touch to our chips and snacks. The salt mine in Bex is open to visitors. You can find out more by visiting www.seldesalpes.ch.