With over 130 sales advisors, our Fresh Service guarantees the freshness of our products anywhere and anytime, even down to the smallest of sales outlets.


A decisive success factor

Hansheinrich Zweifel launched the Fresh Service in 1962 with a fleet of 10 VW vans, which criss-crossed Switzerland every week delivering the freshest chips and raising the profile and popularity of the product.

The Fresh Service makes a stop at the Hall of Fame

In 2015, Hansheinrich Zweifel was inducted into the Swiss Supply Chain Hall of Fame for having established the Fresh Service.

A commitment to quality across the whole of Switzerland

Today, around 140 sales advisors from 12 depots are on the road throughout Switzerland every day. They give our customers personalised advice, deliver chips and snacks to around 16,000 sales outlets, check the products these have on offer and make any necessary replacements in good time – all free of charge! This is how we guarantee total freshness.

A one-stop supplier

As well as chips and snacks, we also supply our customers with confectionery and kiosk items, such as bars, individual chocolate items, sweets, fruit gums and chewing gum, all from a single source. Our Fresh Service colleagues will be happy to advise you and demonstrate our extensive range.

Speedy delivery from 12 depots located throughout Switzerland