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Baked Bruschette Rosemary

Baked Bruschette Rosemary are ideal as an exquisite apéritif snack. The small bread slices, complemented with high-quality olive oil and baked golden, are also the perfect accompaniment for a Mediterranean appetiser. Our tip: serve the finely fragrant Baked Bruschette Rosemary with light cream cheese and fresh herbs. Nothing more is needed to satisfy a small craving.

100g contain
Energy 1894 kj
451 kcal
  of which saturated fatty acids
  of which sugar
Fibre 3.5g
Protein 11g
Salt 2.2g
WHEAT FLOUR, DURUM WHEAT SEMOLINA, olive oil 8.1%, extra virgin olive oil 5.1%, salt, yeast, rosemary 2%, BARLEY and corn MALT extract, sugar, thyme, sage. May contain traces of soy.
Gluten yes
Milk constituents no
Eggs no
Fish no
Shellfish no
Soya may contain
Peanut no
Nuts no
Sesame no
Celeriac no
Mustard no
Sulphites > 10 ppm no
ovo-lacto vegetarian yes
ovo vegetarian yes
lacto vegetarian yes
vegan yes